EWB Canada unlocks human potential by supporting local innovators to accelerate their impact and apply their innovations on a global scale, to the benefit of millions

EWB Dalhousie Chapter works under this mission to invest in our chapter members and Halifax Community to create a thriving and sustainable world. We are the next generation of global leaders equipped to dream big, work hard, and challenge the systems that cause inequality.

The Dalhousie Chapter works on the following initiatives each year to support this mission:

  • Kumvana Fellowship

    In the Chichewa dialect of Malawi, Kumvana means “Unite so we may discuss and understand”. Similarly, the Kumvana program is designed to spark local innovation, promote sustainability and contribute to a global community of EWB change-makers through knowledge transfer and connection.  The program supports 10-15 African leaders across many sectors each year to travel to Canada for leadership development, knowledge sharing, tailored training programs, and professional workshops.

    The Dalhousie EWB chapter hosts a fellow each year and organizes one week of work placements and home stays. They are truly remarkable people each year and give the chapter and Halifax community a unique perspective on African leaders and innovation not often discussed.

    Learn more about the Kumvana Fellowship program here:


  • Advocacy and Policy

    All of our work is directly linked to decision making that happens at a federal, provincial and municipal level. The Dalhousie Chapter has supported campaigns such as #politicsaside, and works with the community to start meaningful discussions about Canada’s role in sustainable development and global equality.

  • Global Engineering

    The Global Engineering certification assesses for competence in:

    • Awareness of globalization and its impact on engineering practice.
    • Ability to explore complex social issues.
    • Capacity to perform leadership roles in interdisciplinary work environments.
    • Ability to apply technical skills in a global context.

Dalhousie Chapter is working with University faculty members to introduce this certificate to our school.  It has the opportunity to harness the potential for engineers to influence the systems they work with to address inequality around the world.

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