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The Junior Fellowship program is a four month overseas placement working in one of EWB’s many ventures.

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The EWB Dalhousie Chapter supports one Junior fellow each year and has participated in the program for over 10 years. We take pride in our investment to a Dalhousie Student by supporting their journey and learning from them when returning to the Chapter. The program application process begins in October each year and is a 16-month commitment to the program. Please get in touch to learn more.

Prior to the placement, the volunteer is expected to prepare by reviewing all necessary materials, attending national conference, and participating in pre-departure trainings, all the while continuing to be a contributing member in the chapter. After the four month overseas placement, the returning Junior Fellow will be required to fulfill the remainder of the program’s objective by staying with the chapter for at least one more year to share valuable learning with the community and mentor the future Junior Fellow.

This placement focuses on building great leaders while providing members with the opportunity to create impact overseas. We recognize that four months is a short time to provide lasting impact in a developing country, so our volunteers are encouraged to return to the chapter and community to raise awareness and knowledge, perhaps providing the greatest impact at home.

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