Petr is in his 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering from Calgary, AB and originally Russia.  Petr fills our chapter with energy and bold ambitions. He has worked with the Global Engineering Team and and organizer for chapter retreats. He is great at organizing the details required to run the chapter and organize successful events.

Keslyn is in her 3rd year studying Environmental Engineering from Toronto, ON. She is motivated by sustainable food systems and has played a huge role in the chapter the past two years by leading the Fair Trade Campus initiative and fostering a community driven by change. This year she is excited to grow the chapter’s numbers and diversity to give new energy and broader impact.

Archa Rajagopalan

Archa is in her 3rd year studying Electrical Engineering from Vancouver, BC.  She started and managed the chapter’s Advocacy initiative last year and is excited to be further involved with the Dalhousie Chapter this year.

Lauren is in her 3rd year of Chemical Engineering from Sydney, NS. She has been a leader of the Global Engineering initiative and Dalhousie for 2 years and is passionate about working with the Dalhousie faculty, professional engineers, and engineering students to drive the profession to take more responsibility for serving the planet and people.

VP Communications

Jane is in her 5th year of Mechanical Engineering and hails from Belfast, Maine! Jane was a Co-president of the Dalhousie Chapter for 3 semesters and has seen the chapter grow throughout her time here. She is also on the National Fundraising Distributed Team representing Atlantic Canada. “EWB has opened so many doors for me as a person, a leader, and an advocate for social change”

Returning Junior Fellow

Rasheeda is in her 4th year of Environmental Engineering from Whitehorse, YK. She worked in Nairobi, Kenya with the EWB Venture FarmDrive for her 4 month placement and you can find her blog from the summer here. She also was the chapter Co-president during the 2016/17 school year and is excited to bring back her experiences as a JF and lessons as a president back to the chapter this year.

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